The JFK Assassination made simple —
using video evidence and doctors' testimony

Please review:
1ST BULLET: the Magic Bullet wound page
for the throat wound right before frame 225;
2ND BULLET: The near-miss bullet between frame 262 and 269;
LAST BULLET: and the fatal bullet wound
from Zapruder film frame 313.

  • MANNLICHER-CARCANO RIFLE: Oswald had no car, he relied on rides and public buses. He got a ride to work, often from co-worker Buell Wesley Frazier. Investigators pressured witnesses to say that Oswald was carrying a 41-inch rifle in his ride to work, not his lunch. The alleged rifle was supposedly stored in Ruth Paine's garage, who had CIA connections. Ruth admits that Oswald did not put the rifle in her garage, she admits that she put it there herself. She allegedly unknownly stored it there herself accidently.

  • QUESTION: Was Oswald's small sack lunch — really a 41-inch rifle in disguise?

    Dallas Morning News, Apr 1, 2013: To this day, Frazier insists that the package Oswald took to work [Oswald regularly took his lunch to work] wasn’t long enough or big enough around to hold a rifle — even if its stock had been disassembled from the barrel..... The Warren Commission concluded that Frazier’s memory was faulty — that Oswald was carrying the rifle used to shoot JFK. .... Still, Frazier stands by his story..... “I don’t know how the rifle got in the building,” he said last week, adding: “They kept trying to get me to change my testimony.”

  • LUNCH ROOM: Many Witnesses say that Oswald was on the bottom floor eating
    lunch in the lunch room, not on the sixth floor, at the time of the shooting;

    As a side note, Oswald did not go out to buy his lunch,
    and there was no cafeteria to buy lunch in his building,
    and the authorities claim that Oswald did not bring his lunch in the car
    that morning -- but instead they insist that he brought his rifle.
    So what was he eating in the lunch room?

  • THE SMOKING GUN: When was Texas Governor Connally hit?

    "The next bullet struck Connally and sped downward from the collarbone
    through the right side of his chest. It smashed three ribs,
    punctured his lung, shattered his right wrist, and
    lodged in his left leg just above the knee." - UPI (November 23, 1963)

    A: Was Connally hit by the
    first bullet (before frame 225)
    before he then turns to talk to Jackie?

    Frames 222-252

    or B: was Connally hit after
    frame 313 when it knocked him over?

    Frames 290-335

    Texas Governor Connally was sitting in front of JFK.
    Oswald Theorists claim Connally was hit before frame 225,
    by the alleged "magic bullet"
    because if he was hit after frame 313, then Oswald is innocent.
    Oswald's alleged Mannlicher-Carcano rifle could not have been
    fired more than 3 times, in the time allotted.
    Yet, obviously, as you can see, Texas Governor Connally was
    not hit till after frame 313. He was not hit
    by the first bullet as the Oswald theorists argue and, therefore,
    there were multiple gunmen shooting simultaneously at frame 313.

  • 1ST BULLET: Click here for more details of the "magic bullet" before frame 225.

  • 2ND BULLET: Click here for evidence showing the 2nd shot,
    a near-miss,
    and proves that Oswald was not the shooter;

  • LAST BULLET: Click here for simple one page lesson, concerning only
    the fatal bullet wound from Zapruder film frame 313;

  • (10 MB QuickTime MOV VIDEO FILE) Slow motion zoomed in version of Zapruder film
    Watch it 3 times; once watching Kennedy, once watching Jackie, once Connally
    Then review evidence above.

  • Oswald denied involvement and then was killed by the mobster Jack Ruby. In an interview on the History Channel, Jack claimed, the truth will never be known "Because, unfortunately, these people, who have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive to PUT me in the position I'm in will never let the TRUE facts come aboveboard to the world." Interviewer: "Are these people in very high positions, Jack?" Ruby: "Yes." Jack Ruby, originally Jack Leon Rubenstein, had been an informant for the FBI. (See Document) Jack Ruby had bragged to an IRS informant about the assassination before JFK was shot. (See Document) Dallas Police officer J. D. Tippit, allegedly shot by Oswald while fleeing, was actually associated with Jack Ruby and Tippit previously met Oswald. (See Document) Jack Ruby made a deal in prison with his CIA contact Louis Jolyon West for his silence.
    Ruth Paine stored Oswald's alleged rifle in her garage (but claimed she didn't know she accidently put it there), and got Oswald a job at the Book Depository just 5 weeks before Kennedy passed. Jim Garrison, District Attorney of Orleans Parish in Louisiana, suggested that Ruth Paine's father, William Avery Hyde, had been working at U.S. AID as cover for the CIA. Ruth's husband, Michael Paine, worked at Bell-Textron Helicopters, a defense contractor who helped provide equipment for the Iran-Contra affair. Ruth Paine was later found in Nicaragua helping the CIA's Contras. (4 MB PDF) On the History Channel documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", all Oswald's family and friends claimed Lee Harvey Oswald was incapable of committing the murder of JFK — except for Ruth Paine.

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