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This page below is only concerning Oswald's
transportation to work, and if he brought lunch that day.

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Was Oswald's small sack lunch — really a 41-inch rifle in disguise?

  • MANNLICHER-CARCANO RIFLE: Oswald had no car, he relied on rides and public buses. He got a ride to work, often from co-worker Buell Wesley Frazier. Investigators pressured witnesses to say that Oswald was carrying a 41-inch rifle in his ride to work, not his lunch. The alleged rifle was supposedly stored in Ruth Paine's garage, who had CIA connections. Ruth admits that Oswald did not put the rifle in her garage, she admits that she put it there herself. She allegedly unknownly stored it there herself accidently.

    Dallas Morning News, Apr 1, 2013: To this day, Frazier insists that the package Oswald took to work [Oswald regularly took his lunch to work] wasn’t long enough or big enough around to hold a rifle — even if its stock had been disassembled from the barrel..... The Warren Commission concluded that Frazier’s memory was faulty — that Oswald was carrying the rifle used to shoot JFK. .... Still, Frazier stands by his story..... “I don’t know how the rifle got in the building,” he said last week, adding: “They kept trying to get me to change my testimony.”

  • Mr Rankin: Do you know whether your husband carried any package
    with him when he left the house on November 22nd?

    Mrs Marina Oswald: I think that he had a package with his lunch. But a small package.
    (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.1, p.73)

    According to Captain Will Fritz, who interrogated Oswald,
    “He said he didn’t have any kind of a package but his lunch.
    He said he had his lunch and that is all he had .... He said,
    ‘No. I didn’t carry anything but my lunch’”
    (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.4, pp.218)

    Harry Holmes, a postal inspector and FBI informer,
    also questioned Oswald about the package he had been carrying:

    Asked him if he brought a sack out when he got in the car
    with this young fellow that hauled him and he said, “Yes.”
    Holmes: “What was in the sack?”
    Oswald: “Well, my lunch.”
    Holmes: “What size sack did you have?
       .... What did you do with it?”
    Oswald: “Carried it in my lap.”
    (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.7, p.305)

    Mr. BALL: Do you remember whether or not when Oswald came back
    with you on any Monday morning or any weekend did he pack his lunch?

    Mr. FRAZIER: Yes, sir; he did.

    Mr. BALL: He did?....

    Mr. FRAZIER: Right, when he rode with me.

    Mr. BALL: Would he bring it in a paper sack or what kind of a container?

    Mr. FRAZIER: Yes, sir; like a little paper sack you get out
    of a grocery store, you have seen these little old sacks that you
    could buy, sandwich bag, sack.

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