The JFK Assassination made simple —
using video evidence and doctors' testimony

This page below is concerning the 2nd bullet
between frame 262 and 269 that just barely missed JFK.

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Below is the summary of evidence for the near-miss 2nd bullet.

The 2nd shot missed....
by over 50 feet in the air?
Or Oswald is not the shooter.

The second bullet hit the curb and then also hit
bystander James Tague in the face with tiny pieces
of concrete debris from the curb.

But from the 6th floor of the book depository,
Oswald missed by over 50 feet above JFK's head...
and hit the curb?

Warren Commission Exhibit 29

Bystander James Tague was standing under the railroad
bridge underpass by the damaged curb.

A near-missed shot of JFK could NOT have come from
the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository,
unless maybe Oswald fired a high warning shot?

Its much more likely that the shooter was in the
2nd floor of the Dal-Tex Building.
That would explain why the near-miss hit the curb.

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